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About us

Our chef in the North York shop has been trained in Japan, allowing us to bring you the authentic taste of Saryo. We also importing specialty ingredients from Japan such as our Uji Matcha powder. Saryo’s seasonal menu will change throughout the year, bringing in the freshest and most appropriate ingredients all year round.

Our dessert is a crossover flavor of traditional Japanese and modern Western. We urge you to come in from time to time to try out our different selections, a delightfully rich experience of this worldwide famous dessert dish; Saryo’s signature parfait with soft serve, hojicha cream, red bean, jellies and mochi; seasonal cakes and pies that are freshly baked, with fresh and carefully selected ingredients, chestnuts, berries, fruits. Other than our yummy dessert, Saryo is also known for their tea beverages – the best companion for the sweets. One of our favorites is the matcha latte and hojicha latte, both provide a tranquil aroma of tea and an addictive soothing taste.